Debate in Polytechnic

Suresh Deep Polytechnic, Ghaziabad organised a debate on “Should youth be involved in Politics during Career Building?” on 09 February, 2019 (Saturday). 39 Students participated in this debate and presented their views.

Key outcome of debate was :

Youths have a creative and sharp mind. They can handle any situation with good results. They have capacity to change India in different sectors. So youth should join politics to show to the world that change can also possible if youth will go to join the politics. We all are aware that India has more than 60% youth generation which is strength to change the world. Today all the politicians who think that only an aged person can make correct decision and only an experienced person can contribute in politics a lot, this is really a myth.

We have everything in the favour of youth like IITs, IIMs, and many of the great institutions which gave us some great Engineers, Doctors, Scientists etc. why don’t we have IIPs, Indian Institute of Politics through which we should have such a great leaders to serve the country in good & effective manner.

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