FDP on ‘Accreditation (NAAC)’ @ SDGI

An FDP on ‘Accreditation (NAAC)’ was organized by Sunder Deep Group of Institutions from 18th to 24th September, 2018 in SDGI seminar hall. The sessions were conducted by Dr. Rakesh Sharma, IFS (Vice-Chairman Academics, SDGI). Dr. Anju Saxena, Executive Director, SDGI.
Dr. Atul Sharma, Director, SDCMT and Dr. Satish Sharma, Director, SDPC also expressed their views in regard to NAAC. Following points were highlighted and discussed at length during the week long session:

1. Meaning and importance of accreditation
2. Difference between NAAC and NBA
3. Criteria and their key indicators
4. Role of stake holders-management, faculty, staff, students, parents and alumni
5. Accreditation process/NAAC guidelines
6. How to move forward for accreditation
7. Motivation of faculty, staff and students
8. Steps and procedures to bring quality in academics and research
9. Assessment outcome
10. Weightages across key indicators for Universities, autonomous colleges and affiliated colleges
11. Weightages for different matrices
12. Importance of an Interdisciplinary Centre in a Group of institutions running many programs.
13. Assignment of accreditation work to faculty depending on their core skills and experience
14. Constitution of internal NAAC/Accreditation Committee
15. Composition of IQAC

Outcome: It was a very useful and highly informative FDP with an active participation of management and faculty. All sessions were very interactive. This FDP will help immensely in establishing SDGI as the ‘Centre of Excellence in Academics and Research’

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