SDCHM Organised Quiz Competition on Hospitality & Tourism

An Inter-house TOURISM Quiz competition was held at SUNDER DEEP COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT On 02 March , 2019. Ms. Sukhpreet Singh conducted the quiz. The quiz began with the introduction of the participants of the different houses (Taj, Oberoi, Sheraton & Hyatt).

Before starting the quiz the rules and regulation of the competition was explained to the participants.

The time allotted to give the correct answer was ten seconds, failing which the question was passed to the next team. In case, none of the teams were able to answer correctly, the question was open for the audience. Five points were awarded to the team for every correct answer and two bonus points to the team who correctly answered the question that was passed to them.

The quiz completion had 02 rounds in which 1st round was having 05 questions for each house related to tourism heritage pictures clips and 02nd round having 05 questions related to hospitality and tourism.

At the end of the competition our director Mr.R.L.Sahu declared the result of the competition Sheretan House bagged the 1st position by scoring the total of 30 points, followed by Oberoi house and Hyatt house who scored the equal marks 15points and graped the 2nd position, And Taj house got the 3rd position.

This quiz was truly a learning experience for both the audience and the participants.

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