Six CGER Certified Academic Leaders Certification from SDEC-240

On 6 th October, 2018 CEGR organized a workshop on Higher Education, Leadership and Management (CGER Certified Leader) in New Delhi Institute of Management, Tuglkabad, New Delhi. In this workshop more than 20 invited speakers of repute interchanged their views on Higher Education, Leadership and Management. This centre for education Growth and Research is only the think tank of India that is guided mentored by more than 5000 academicians including 500 academic leaders and 30 Vice Chancellors of different acclaimed universities of country. Objective of this Workshop was to train and mentor faculty members for effective leadership and management in Higher Education. In this workshop, CEGR certified six faculty members – Dr. Subhash Gauatm,HOD, Applied Sciences & Humanities, Dr. Vipin Kumar, Assistant Professor Mr. Ashutosh Rao,HOD, Computer Science & Engineering Dr. Satish Gupta, Assistant Professor and Mr. Gyanendra Singh, HOD, Electronics Engineering Department as Certified Academic Leaders in Higher Education.
Dr. Anju Saxena, Executive Director, SDGI remained one of the speakers in the workshop who suggested thought-provoking suggestions for the quality, innovation and employability in Higher Education. Dr. Saxena got her chapter published in the CEGR book Higher Education Leadership and Management that was launched on the same day.

Invited Speakers during one day Workshop (CEGR Certified Academic Leader) are:
1. Prof. K.K. Aggarwal, Mentor and Former Vice Chancellor, GGSIP University
2. Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan, Director, AICTE
3. Dr. Anju Saxena, Executive Director, Sunder Deep Group of Institutions, Ghaziabad
4. Prof. Furqan Qamar, Secretary General, Association of Indian Universities
5. Dr. Sonali Sinha, COO, THSC, NSDC and Vice President, CEGR
6. Prof. K. K. Aggarwal, Mentor, CEGR and Former Vice Chancellor, GGSIP University
7. Mr. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra, Chancellor, Shobhit University
8. Mr. V. M. Bansal, Chairman, NDIM and Senior Vice President, CEGR
9. Prof. N. K. Sinha, President, CEGR and Vice Chancellor, Himalayan Garhwal University
10. Prof. Devendra Pathak, Vice Chancellor, Sanskriti University

1. Certificate in Higher Education Leadership and Management from National Think Tank will enhance the career opportunity as Academic Leader in Higher Education
2. After Successful Completion of Certificate Programme, Trained Person will be termed as “CEGR Certified Academic Leader”
3. Directory with individual contact details will be circulated to decision makers of more than 30,000 Universities, premier institutions and Research Organizations which will increase their chance to get good opportunity as Academic Leader
4. Networking opportunities with senior academic leaders, Researchers, facilitators and corporate
5. Regular updates on Research and Education Policy.

The workshop was supported by Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council, NSDC, MESC, National Skill Development Corporation and Springer Nature and others.

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