Workshop at SDMT on “Life in Uniform”

To guide and mentor the students about the careers in armed forces Colonel B.K Chaturvedi took a motivational session on 25 Nov 2017 at Sunder Deep college of Management Technology.

He outlined that the most difficult stage in a teenager’s life is the time to contemplate professional goals and to chalk out a career path. Many teenagers, out of high school and college, are confused and aimless about what they want to do in life. They are radar less ship. It is the responsibility of teachers and mentors to give them proper direction.

Children come in social contact with doctors or teachers often, so that they may subconsciously think of these professions as obvious career options. However, away from such main stream professions there is another, career option – the Armed Forces. It is a matter of honor and pride to join the Armed Forces as these personnel are looked upon as saviors or defenders of nations and its people. It is one of the few noble professions left today.

Answering to the queries of the students he told them about how to enter armed force in Army, Navy and Air force wing- both in combat and non combat fields.

Students got to know about the perks and benefits that are entitled. They were motivated to join the services and life in uniform for selfless service to the nation.

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