Research Publications

Faculty Name Research paper Topic
Prof. (Dr.) SANJAY SINGH The Public: Problems and Solutions (An International Research Refereed Journal) Vol-3, No.2, April-June 2014, ISSN 2320-4540 “Right to livelihood (with special reference to Right to food)”
The Research and Review An International Research Journal of Humanities & Science Vol.001, August 2014, ISSN: 2349-4301 “Fairness in Criminal Trial in India- A Socio Legal Analysis”
International journal of law and legal jurisprudence studies, ISSN:2348-8212) “Uniform civil Code and Personal Laws in India”
International Journal of Computer Technology and Applications, ISSN:2229-6093 “The Indian IT Act-2000 in context to addressing the needs of the Cyber Crimes in India"
Ms. Poonam Tyagi Public Relation in Present Scenario: Issues and challenges and opportunities “Lack of Harmony in Police Public Relation”
“Legal Rights of Surrogates in India” at Training Programme Cum National Seminar Organized by Amity Law School ,Noida “Human Rights in India: An insight in the challenges Related to women
Ms. Anjum Saxena Legal Desire International Journal on Law, Vol 7, Issue XXIIth (2020) Conflict of Trial by Media with Freedom of Speech and Expression in context of India: Critical Analysis
International Seminar on “Sexual Offences Against Women” UGC referred Journal Cyber Stalking: An Analysis in relation to Sexual Harassment and Indecent Behaviour (under Process)
Mr. Nishant Mishra About to be Published in UGC referred Journal Topic ‘महिलाओं के विरुद्ध अपराध और उसका प्रभाव’