M.Pharm Research Lab

The objective of this lab is to prepare students to work in research and drug development. Students have to analyse new drugs and study their adverse drug reactions, toxicological effects and various contradictions of drugs on animals and humans.


  1. Pharmaceutics-I Lab
  2. Biotechnology Lab
  3. Pharmaceutics -II Lab
  4. Machine Room


  1. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I Lab
  2. Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab
  3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II Lab
  4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry-III lab
  5. Central Instrumentation Room


  1. Pharmacology –I (Human Anatomy and Physiology) Lab
  2. Pharmacology- II Lab
  3. Pharmacology- III Lab


  1. Pharmacognosy Lab


  1. Pharmacy Practice Lab


  1. Computer Lab
  2. Herbal Garden


Sunder Deep Pharmacy College have well maintained animal house facility approved By CPCSEA for conducting research work on laboratory animals.

The Laboratories

Department of Pharmaceutics

This laboratory provides students with the necessary skills in performing pharmaceutical calculations, also to promote student’s learning by performing full experimental work on physical pharmacy topics covered in this course. This laboratory also to promote student’s learning by performing full experimental work on physical pharmacy topics covered in this course.

Machine Room

The machine room has a well built area of machines generally encountered in Pharmaceutical Industry like Pan coater, Hand operated Single punch machine, All purpose equipment, Dissolution Rate Test Apparatus (I.P Standard), Disintegration Rate Test Apparatus (U.S.P. standard), Ampoule filling and sealing machine, Bottle filling machine, Mechanical and Gyratory Sieve Shaker, Filter Press, Reynolds Apparatus, Venturimeter , Orifice meter, Vacuum filter Unit, Friability test apparatus, Humidity chamber, Capsule filling machine, Mechanical Stirrer, Double and Cuboidal Cone Blender and Ointment filling machine. This laboratory provides a window for young and aspiring pharmacist to be well versed with the current Pharmaceutical Scenario.


Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Lab

This lab deals with the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and protozoa. Students gain insight on various diseases caused by these microorganisms. They learn to culture them and to use them for the benefits of human beings. They study various antibacterial and antifungal activity of drugs.

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The goal of the laboratory is to provide students with the knowledge to design new drugs, to synthesize new compounds and to study their structure with the help of new technologies and softwares. Students work on HPLC, spectrophotometer etc.

Central Instrumentation Facility

The Central Instrument Facility is a state of art laboratory boasting its highly sophisticated instruments viz. HPLC (UFLC-SPD20A, Shimadzu) with Ultra High Flow and Elution systems, Fourier Transform -IR Spectrophotometer (IRAffinity1, Shimadzu), Double beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (UV-1800, Shimadzu),Brookfield’s viscometer, Abbe’s Refractometer, Nephelo/Turbidimeter, Polarimeter, pH meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, I.R. Moisture Balance, sonicator, digital balance(1 mg sensitivity), and Electronic Single Pan Balance.

These instruments are effectively used by undergraduate and post graduate students for analysis of drugs and their formulations in their projects and regular course curriculum.

Department of Pharmacognosy

This lab deals with the identification of crude drugs and extraction of chemical moieties which may have therapeutic properties. Students learn to recognize various herbal plants along with their functions in the treatment of diseases. They study different types of adulterants used in various drugs and food products.

Herbal Garden

The herbal garden of Sunderdeep Pharmacy College is well designed, spacious and having about 70 flourishing species of various medicinal plants.

Department of Pharmacology

The objective of this lab is to provide students with knowledge regarding research work and research methodology. Students work on latest software used for discovering New Chemical Entity (NCE) or new compound in animals (non-clinical) and human (clinical) by using controlled condition. The goal is to detect compounds in a variety of media/body tissues. Students work on highly sophisticated instruments like biochemical analyser, centrifuge etc

The Pharmacology lab consists of equipments to identify the activity of various drug samples. These include Digital Actophotometer, Eddy’s hot plate, Rota rod, Histamine Chamber, Plethysmometer, electroconvusiometer, pyrogen telethermometer, Single and Double organ Bath with Kymograph to study the effect of drugs on intact animals and isolated preparations.

Computer Lab

Computers are multipurpose tool. It provides wide access to unlimited information regarding everything. All the research work done is compiled and further analysed through various software.



All the classrooms are spaciously designed with good ventilation are well furnished and fitted with modern teaching aids like OHP slide projectors & LCD Projector.


An enriched library with latest books, journals, magazines and periodicals is the centre of attraction for students. This fully automated library presently houses latest reference titles on technical, management and related subjects as well as national/international journals helps the students and faculty to keep abreast with the latest developments.

Digital Library

The library has a collection of meticulously chosen 4498 books, 450 titles on different subjects of Pharmacy. 47 journals of national and international repute, periodicals, magazines and newspapers are subscribed in the library in the periodical section. The special feature of library is DELNET through which it is connected to 743 Indian as well as foreign libraries. It is also equipped with reprographics facility.