The crazy codes called CAPTCHAs which work as web’s security guards and are used to distinguish human and robot. The word CAPTCHA is actually an acronym for:“COMPLETELY AUTOMATED PUBLIC TURING TEST TO TELL COMPUTERS AND HUMAN APART” is a human response test used in computing to check whether or not the user is human. They are also known as type of HUMAN INTERACTION PROOF (HIP).
These codes are more advanced version of Turing test (A test developed by Alan Turing for determining whether or not a computer is capable of thinking like a human.) and complex for computers to solve.
But now researchers claim that Artificial Intelligence technique now can crack traditional web’s gatekeepers text-based CAPTCHAs with at least 50 percent accuracy.
The AI startup team which built the Captcha-cracking bot actually developed the technique several years ago in 2013 but didn’t publish it and waited until tech companies could update there CAPTCHA technology.”Those tests I think are a lot more friendly to humans anyway than entering all these squiggly letters,” says Phoenix, who co-founded California-based AI company Vicarious.”And by giving the outside community some time to update their system, we made it a lot safer for us to publish our research.”
Traditional CAPTCHAs based on distorted characters that are augmented with anti segmentation technique work because unlike humans it is complex for robs to recognize the distorted and partially hidden characters. Although machine learning systems that can solve them exists, and trained to recognize alphabet letters through exposure to a huge number of images.

In contrast, Vicarious co-founder Dileep George tells NPR the Recursive Cortical Network can be trained to build its own internal models of the characters.”And then, when a new image comes in … it tries to explain that new image, trying to explain all the pixels of that new image in terms of  the characters it has seen before”, George says.
At Vicarious, Researchers are using NPR to empower robots that can solve problems visually. In the long arc of history Artificial Intelligence eventually is able to do all things that humans are currently able to do.
As for the updated CAPTCHA techniques AI will crack that too.-Vicarious team.

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