Being a Chef is not just a name or position in the hotel industry; it is the symbol of possessing an art to convert raw ingredient into a delicious dish. It is said that A Chef must think like a SCIENTIST, organize like an ACCOUNTANT, move like a TRACKSTAR, plate like an ARTIST, and cook like a GRANDMA.
A Chef is made by the combination of four words COOKING, HYGIENE, ETHNIC & FOOD. These four words make a big difference between a chef and a cook. Because a cook just prepare the food, but a chef is a person who take care about the proper method of cooking to cook the food in the best way whether it is a method of roasting, frying, grilling, smoking etc.
Chefs are generally very strict about maintaining good hygiene because they don’t cook food for themselves; they cook food for their guest. As we believe in great quote of India “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” we can’t cook and serve food without taking care of hygiene. If you ask someone what he or she needs to cook food, few of them will say ‘I need a sharp knife’, ‘I need good equipment’ and so on… but what a chef first think before the cooking is “HYGIENE


Chef has always kept the ETHNIC value of the recipe in mind because the ingredients are the body of the recipe but the ethnic value brings the soul in the recipe. Chef always plays with the regional and fresh ingredient of the recipe. It helps to keep the recipe alive with the freshness and bring the soul into the recipe. You can pick a recipe from any cuisine whether it is from Italian cuisine, French cuisine or from Indian cuisine, if you can’t keep the ethnic value of the recipe you are not a chef. You have to always admire the ethnic flavor of recipe which helps to make the recipe alive and soulful.

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