Industrial Visit To Mother Dairy

An industrial visit to Mother Dairy plant, ParparGanj, Delhi was organized on 28/09/2019 for all B.Com first year and third year students with the two faculty members( Mr. Ramesh Kumar and Ms. NeelamYadav). During the visit, the students were made well versed with the stages of the plant. These start with the procurement of milk and are which is done on the basis of 15 stringent quality tests. After successful confirmation on these tests, the accepted milk undergoes processing through state of the art microprocessor technology which integrates and completely automates all the operations related to milk processing. These consist of clarification, standardization, homogenization, pasteurization. After successful processing, milk is dispatched in a hygienic and sterilized milk tanker and is then transported under cold chain to various distribution formats (milk shops, franchises, shops, kiosks, insulated containers, container on wheels).

Factory Operations Manager gave a presentation related to the history of Mother Dairy Plant. He told students about the white revolution and primitive and newer modes of milk collection and distribution. He also told about the actual milk processing capacity of the plant with the significance of the steps in processing.Further, a small documentary film of Mother Dairy Plant was shown, which depicted the process of milk production

Later, all the visitors were given refreshments in the form of flavored Milk and Ice Creams.
Overall it was an educating-cum-fun experience for the students.

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