Sunder Deep Group of Institutions Celebrate Constitution Day


“Constitution is not a mere lawyer document, it is a vehicle of life and its spirit is always the spirit of age”- B.R. Ambedkar


The objective of the event was to celebrate the 70th Constitutional Day of the Nation and create the awareness among the Society regarding Justice and Law.

“The constitution Day” was celebrated at the Sunder Deep College of Law in association with District Legal Services Authority on 26th November 2019. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Ratnesh Deep Kamal Anand (Secretary, District Legal Services Authority), including other dignitaries LDM Representative – Mr. A.K. Sinha and Mr. Giri, District Common Services Centre Coordinator- Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Legal Probation Officer- Mr. Lokinder Singh, District Employment Assistant Officer- Ms. Manisha Atri, Revenue Inspector  Mr. Jamaluddin, Jail Visitor- Mr. Mukesh Saini and the members of   NGO, Jeevan Jyoti were present. The Event was commenced with an Oath of The Preamble of Indian Constituion.

The chief guest of the event Mr. Ratnesh Deep Kamal Anand addressed the students about the significance of the Fundamental Rights and how they are inseparable from Fundamental Duties. The Vice Chairman (Mr.Akhil Aggrawal) of Sunder Deep Group of Institutions brought the light on the Drafting history of Constitution of India. The Assembly was dispersed by National Anthem.

In the concluding manner event got Success when Students understood the real object to celebrate Constitutional Day. The event was anchored by Prof. Anjum Saxena and Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Poonam Tyagi, other Faculty members were present there.

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