Sunder Deep Group of Institutions organized Pre-Induction Program

Sunder Deep Group of Institutions organized Pre-Induction Program
Abhinandan 2020

To strengthen the bond with newly admitted students of Session 2020-21, Pre-Induction Program Abhinandan 2020 was organized. Session started with a welcome address by Vice Chairman, SDGI Sh. Akhil Aggarwal.

The only source of knowledge is experience. Students were blessed by the inspirational address of knowledgeable and experienced personalities. Prof. Dr. R.K.Khandal, President, India Glycols Limited, congratulated and motivated students.

Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Vice Chancellor (Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, Thandalam, Chennai) shared his views on Future Career Goals and dreams. He also talked on the importance of diet, mindful eating and sound health to live a more fulfilling life.

Mrs. Madhuri Sahasrabudhe, Educationist & Social Reformer, expressed her views on the power of positivity and role of mother for holistic development of their children and growth of society.

Vote of thanks was delivered by Sh. Jamil Ahmad, Director General SDGI. He emphasized that students should develop their ability & competence. Students must do their best to ensure that their parents can feel proud of them. The National Anthem was played on this occasion at the end. The program was coordinated by Prof. Rakesh Sapra, Director Sunder Deep College of Architecture and Dr. Shalini Sharma, Director Sunder Deep Pharmacy College.

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