We have many large civil engineering structures from very ancient time but from the far end of 2othcentury, design and construction of high rise building gears up. Due to these high rise constructions activity the responsibility of civil engineers is also increased because after occurrence of any extreme loading event like earthquake or impact loading the chance of catastrophic failure will be more which will ultimately have large impact on human life as well as on economy.
In the most new design concept Inter-linked Block Masonry System with Visco-elastic Links is providing new domain to researchers in this field. In the proposed study the visco-elastic links are prepared by the used or discarded rubber tyres since it has numerous implicit desirable properties. These used/discarded tyres are very low in cost and easily available. Therefore the material cost of the preparation of these visco-elastic links is also cut down.
The inter-linked block masonry system is completely safe under the normal vertical and gravity load as the regular masonary building system. The internal visco-elastic link element will play its role only when the structure will be subjected to extreme earthquake loading condition and dissipate the energy. Properties of visco-elastic element will also not change with time because
these links will be completely inside the system hence does not interact with external environmental condition in any way.
These specially designed blocks will prevent seismic torsion and also successfully prevent pseudo-resonance. Also the problem of residual cracking will also be completely addressed. Less water consumption, low maintenance, high quality construction and environment friendliness help to be called it as clean construction technology.

Key Words: – Inter-linked block masonry system, Visco-elastic links, seismic torsion,pseudo-resonance, extreme loading event.

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