“As Pure as a lily, As Fresh as a daisy, As Shy as a violet, & As Lovely as a Rose .”

Do you know flowers arrangements is an art it is practiced in almost all countries across the globe and flowers are arranged in different manners as per their nature and according to the environment of the country? In Hotel Management we teach our students that the art of decoration of flowers is same like that of human life and flowers express different feelings. Red roses are a symbol of love and are used for welcoming the guest. Similarly, yellow roses used for friendship, and white roses are used for peace and worship also. Flowers are used for different flower arrangement namely Western, Oriental and Modern arrangement in hospitality industry.
Ikebana flower arrangement is one of the flower arrangements of Japan. It is based on the use of “Living Flower” & number of flowers use in Ikebana is always ODD in number.

The Greeks, the Roman and the Japanese have left great impact an art of flower
decorations and arrangement with various flowers symbolizes various feelings and relationships apart from the beauty and freshness.
It is displayed in high decorative vase arrangements and is quite large in which small flowers are concentrated at the centre with large flowers surroundings.
Flowers represent the art of design of good appearance and friendly environment
with different feeling like happiness and sadness and thus they are similar to the feelings of our lives and it can be said that it is like flowers blossom in human life. If we do not care after, they die in an uncomplaining way after spreading beauty and fragrances.

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