“Pollution” when this word comes in our sight the first thing human thinks “Air Pollution”, is getting worse these days, or “Water Pollution”, no body getting pure water to drink, or “Pollution due to Plastic Waste”, plastic is a curse for this planet. That’s what mankind thinks about the pollution. But the question is what about light pollution? Is anybody thinks about it? How is it affecting our eco system? It is getting worse day by day as the modern lighting systems starts creating a pseudo day light.
Light pollution sometimes known as photopollution, is the presence of anthropogenic light during night. Light pollution is affecting our eco system and it is increasing as the demand of artificial lights increasing as the urbanisation of the countries increasing.
Life on earth relied on the cycle of day and night. Artificial lights creating an artificial day light during night hours, it is effecting life cycle of plants and animals on earth. Scientists also proved that the artificial light at night has negative impact on many creatures including birds, mammals, insects and plants. Bright light during night can also impact the wetland habitats that are home to amphibians such as frogs and toads, whose night life is part of breeding ritual. Artificial Lights disrupt this nocturnal activity, resulting reproduction activity and reducing population.

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