Non Destructive testing (NDT) – NDT is an analysis technique which is used in industry to analyze the properties of a material, part or system without destroying them. It is used to find size, flaws and defects. The flaws may be cracks in the welding or castings. NDT plays an important role in structural properties due to which the strength of material or parts may be failure in future.

NDT is the visual examination of surfaces, using radiography, ultrasonic testing, and magnetic particle crack detection. NDT method is used in production Automation as well as various other industries like refineries, milk plants, thermal power plants, hydro power plants, nuclear power plants etc.

Types of NDT Methods-

1) Eddy Current testing

(2) Leak testing

(3) Radiographic Testing

(4) Magnetic Particle Testing

(5) Liquid Penetrate testing

(6) Ultrasonic testing

NDT has the following inspection during its consideration such as liquid penetrate inspection, magnetic particle inspection, visual inspection, nondestructive hardness testing & eddy current inspection etc. it has the widest uses in industry at lowest cost and least risk.

The given Image shows the Non Destructive Testing on a pipeline during its installation.

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