Pharmaceutical industry is renowned for continuous innovation, drug design and researches. New drugs especially new molecule are continuously being discovered and marketed over the world. Furthermore, new mergers and acquisitions are going in the pharmaceutical industry regularly and new researches are being conducted quite regularly by the industries. The new information will throws lights on the formulation development which are most effective in new diseases. Now a days a pharmaceutical industry is the top recruiters in employment and which is effective in research and development as well as economic growth of country also. New researches emphasizes the drug manufacturers and the new drugs that are continuously coming into the markets. In addition to the new regulations and audits of pharma industry, are the factors related to the pricing of pharma goods.

We also have to focus on standardization of herbal products. Pharmaceutical export promotion council i.e PHARMEXCIL is ready to play a key role in this regards. Currently, a majority of the adverse events related to the use of herbal products and herbal medicines that are reported are attributable either to poor product quality or to improper use. Export-Import reports reveal that the global trade of herbal technology and plant originated products is around US $250 billion. In this blog we focus on the herbal technology in the international market and intends to throw in the knowledge about Herbal drugs, Nutraceuticals, Cosmaceuticals, and Biopesticides which comes under herbal technology.

This blog primarily focuses on the discovery of new drugs of synthetic well as herbal formulations in the prospects of pharmaceutical industry.

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