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Hospitable approach in any business in general indicates exhibiting a welcoming and friendly behavior towards guests or people who are your clients. It involves treating clients or customers very politely and caring for them so that they will continue using the business’s services. If a business fails to treat its customers or clients in this manner, it may struggle to generate sales. While offering services to guests great care must be taken. In this regard smile plays a very important role. It is rightly said that “A smile alone doesn’t guarantee excellent customer service, but excellent customer service always starts with a smile”. Smile is the best thing one can wear. A smile can even stop wars. According to science, a smile can boost our mind, help release stress and make us look more beautiful. So it is safe to say that a smile is the most versatile asset one can possess.

The benefit of a smile can be felt in our workplace also. Our one smile that we pass first to our customer pulls them strongly towards our services. Especially for those who are in the hospitality sector which is based on providing quality services to people. A smile is the needle of the hospitality business clock, so no matter what the time of the day it is an employee should always serve with a smile.

If you are in hospitality industry it will be difficult for you to survive without knowing how to behave with people. As rude behavior and losing temper can cost a lot. To sustain and flourish in this industry, it is important to understand the value of smile. It can either make your business or can totally break your business. So, as an employee of hospitality industry we must always wear a smile all the time despite of having awful day.

When a guest comes in or walks around in the reception area, there should always be someone at the reception to deliver a warm and friendly smile. It doesn’t matter whether it is odd time of the day or even night, there must be someone standing at the counter to greet them on arrival with a smile. This will definitely please the customer and help him get clear view on things the hotel provides.

Food service Industry is a part of hospitality industry; here also service with a smile makes a big difference. A genuine smile and friendly approach is crucial to make the right first impression. As it is rightly said, the first impression is the last impression, it is important that the greeting and seating guest in a restaurant is taken care of. The wait staff should greet the guest coming to the restaurant with a pleasant smile which should make the guest feel that they are welcome and that they are in midst of friendly people.

Of course, there are dozens of other hospitality businesses, some of which include amusement parks, zoos, event planning, catering, cruise lines, bartending and transportation. Any business that relies on creating and maintaining positive relationships with its customers or clients knows the importance of smile.

In a nutshell, a genuine warm smile along with good manners is the key for a success in Hospitality Industry. So, Keep Smiling. 

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