We teacher embark on a beautiful journey known as “Teaching” But how does this journey becomes joyful for us? The answer is that it is because of our students who brilliantly contribute to it in some or the other way. Our journey comprises of straight lecturing, conducting practical sessions, playing guides on their projects, assignments and thesis etc and while doing so, we indicate our expectations in the form of their success and learning as results from them. In fact, we set high expectations ofwatching them meet their challenges. It is because of our extremely high expectations from our students that they get a mentality of wanting to learn, be innovative in doing things and be willing to take on new challenges. This is what makes it joyful for us.

I believe that over the few years because of the rapid advancement in technology, our industry will be so automated that most of the people will be replaced with machine. Manual operations will get minimized. So, our teaching focus in the present time should be to make our students adaptable to be comfortable with working with an automated work atmosphere while being human in their approach. This way, when we see our students coping with the future work pressure well, our joyous journey will give us the feeling of an icing on the cake and that will not be only their professional success but also our success as teachers. Thus, the brilliance of our students makes our teaching journey joyful for us.

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