By surrounding environment, we can gather information using five senses i.e. sight, hearing, taste, Smell and touch.
Tactile sensors are a category of sensors that acquire information through physical touch. Tectile sensors can measure physical quantities like temperature, vibration, softness, texture, shape, shear and normal forces.
Main parameters of tactile sensing are pressure and torque.

Types of human touch:
Cutaneous Sensations – Cutaneous sense receives sensory inputs from the receptors embedded in the skin.
Senses: temperature, pressure, pain.
Kinesthetic Sensations – Kinesthetic sense receives sensory inputs from the receptors located within muscles, tendons and joints.
Senses: body position, movement, equilibrium.

How it works:
Tactile sensors are used to sense the response of physical interaction with the environment.
Piezo-resistive pressure sensors are highly used pressure sensors. This sensor consists of a pressure sensitive element which changes its resistance upon application of forces. We know that V=I*R, we fixed any one parameter i.e. voltage or current. If we fix current, so change in resistance is measured as change in voltage.

Application of Tactile sensors: Tactile sensors are used in
1) Robotics
2) Touch screen
3) Computer hardware
4) Security System

Now days, they are specially being used in medical robotics and industrial automation.

Future of tactile sensors:
In many areas, this technology can be used to aid intelligent robots and biomedical products and future advancements with more and more gadgets being developed.

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