A Seminar on “Aerospace and Aeronautical science- A multimedia Interface” was organised on 10th of Oct-2017 for Suresh Deep Polytechnic students.The event was addressed to the students of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Electronics Engineering department SDP (SDGI) which are as well the relevant streams for the concept and theme under discussion by Representatives of Airborne Souls Pvt. Ltd.

The speakers were Ms.Suvriti Dhawan ,MD of Airborne Souls pvt. Ltd and Ms. Himanshi ,Program Co-coordinator of multimedia workshops Airborne Souls Pvt. Ltd, The session was really interactive as students found it interesting to come across some of the vital concepts and terminologies of Aerospace Science and Aeronautics. The speakers addressed Astrophysics, astro-photography ,nebulae,big bang, milky way, time dilation, universe expansion and other astronomical parameters in their presentation with images and relevant statistical figures.Some images and astronomical observations from Famous Hubble Telescope and spitzer space telescope were shown to students with their basic mechanism.

In latter half of the session discussion on basic working and design of aircraft and aeroplane also underwent along-with the materials measurement and other related parameters used in aircraft also underwent which kept students enthusiasm alive throughout the session.

Speakers also introduced to the wide range of multimedia programs, workshops and trips and certifications offered by them for the interested candidates and future prospects of the same.

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