The current generation has started thinking outside the box and in place of the
tradition career paths the students of today are up for some challenging new career opportunities. Are you also thinking of being a Chef by doing Hotel

Students enjoying cooking while preparing delicious Tandoori Dishes during a Food Production

Yes, you can have a fantastic career just by cooking delicious dishes as a chef.
Right from Italian pasta to Indian butter chicken to numerous Muglai dishes. A
professional Chef works in a food outlet where they typically prepare different
food items. Restaurants exist at all levels, from fast-food to fine-dining, so there is no shortage of grill space waiting to be occupied by your creations. But there are also interesting jobs off the beaten path.
Chefs work at resorts and spas, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, travel agencies, car rental firms, campgrounds, cruise lines, forest preserves and recreational facilities,hotels and motels, state and national parks, retirement homes, railroads,amusement parks/attractions, at tour companies, airlines, country clubs, convention centers, casinos, exposition centers, and schools.
And food entrepreneurism remains a fixture of the American dream, where your
culinary masterpieces are embraced by the public in a way that keeps you in the
black.  Food trucks, cafes, bistros, taco stands, ice cream carts, chocolate shops,and pizzerias are all creative ways to market your food dreams.  Earning potential is boundless in the industry now, due to the exploded TV food culture and celebrity chef branding. Happy Cooking!

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