1. AD-MAD SHOW: A management game which combines creativity, madness & fun, its being mad about advertisement.
Cream for dark complexion! Pizzas are healthy! were among the few topics that were advertised in the Ad mad show on 24 sept.2017 at Sunder deep College of Management and technology
AD MAD Show is an ‘Advertisement Making Competition’ for B School students to showcase their creativity in Marketing products and services.
Its objective was to acquaint the students about promotional strategies in marketing through advertisements. Students explored out on various advertisement script and ideas relevant for different sectors including FMCG goods, services, automobiles and social awareness etc. All the teams were given a time frame to showcase their talent. The learning was that students were able to showcase their creativity in marketing products and services.
The Ad mad show was organized under the guidance of Director Shoe S.Ahmed and Prof.Shilpi Pawan
Event coordinator Ms.Nidhi Bhatia announced the winner of ad mad show.
Students with outstanding performance were Asmita, Shubham, Mehtab, Wasim, Mohit, Ayush, Anmol, Shashi, Pooja, Shivangi, Upendra and Tanya from MBA, BBA, BCA & B.Com.

2. INDOOR GAMES: Get addictive to the indoor playground, reliving the childhood
When all the grey matter is indulged in being a successful manager there ain’tn games like a musical chair game and ice breaking session!! If you are looking for an entertaining game yet learning that is fun for all ages, they are the way to go!!
Be a child again was the main motive behind the game on 26 Sept.2017 musical chairs was played at Sunder deep College of Management and Technology as a stress buster .The event was coordinated by Ms.Preeti Singh and Ms. Bhawana Atterey, Prof.Amit Ohja & Prof. Mohit Agarwal
About 400 students of MBA, BBA, and BCA& B.COM participated in the games.
The winning team for musical chair was team B namely Sandeep, Manjari, Vishal
The winning team for ice breaking session was team A namely Kamna, Bhawana and Divya

3. BUSINESS GAME- TEAMBUILDING: 11 player’s one heartbeat
Ask not what your teammates can do for you. None of us is as smart as all of us, this team spirit was celebrated on 27 September2017 as team building management games at Sunder deep group of Institutions in SDCMT block under the guidance of Dr.Lokesh Verma & Ms.Nupur Sharma.
Students were made to learn & practically apply the teambuilding techniques through various games such as Winner\Loser, Ideas as Building Blocks and the game named it’s your Problem.
Students from various courses such as BBA, BCA, B.COM and MBA, PGDM participated in the event and it was an interesting and learning session for the Students
Risabh from M.B.A I Year and Gaurav from B.C.A I year bagged first and Second Position respectively.

4. LOGO QUIZ COMPETITION: Leopard marketing shoes guess what; its brand puma
What is i, me myself of the company and success story behind the brand image of the product was actually the main motive behind the activity conducted on 9 Oct 2017 at Sunder deep College of Management and Technology. The activity was logo Quiz competition.
LOGO QUIZZES is a challenge for all the budding managers who feel that they have the knowledge and expertise to withstand the storms of the professional world! This was an entertainment quiz to test the knowledge of management and commerce students who are pursuing B.Com B.B.A & M.B.A.
This quiz was coordinated by Dr.Urvashi, Dr.Kamal, and Prof.Rupal & Prof. Bhakti
Students got to know about the various logos and, the operational area of business.
There were three rounds and the winner was team A, team members were Yogesh, Goraksh & Anmol from B.Com I year as members
The event was well coordinated by Vikash Sharma and Saima Alvi students of B.Com I year and PGDM I year

5. Brand Sunderdeep at Rajpath Day Parade.
Its is matter of great pride and honor that one of the Senior N.C.C cadet Simran has been selected for final IGC ,she has been selected in flag area briefing after defeating the best cadet of Ghaziabad group.
Earlier to this she was best disciplined cadet in Annual training camp
She stands among the nine cadets who are selected in Pre-RDC
We wish her good luck for selection in Republic Day Parade and hopeful that she represents Uttar Pradesh as the proud senior cadet of Sunderdeep Group of Institutions.

6. Group discussion and Brain Storming Session:I am not the product of my circumstances; I am product of my decisions –Stephen Covey
The professional life is of 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it and this art of group discussion and brain storming session was being incorporated among t by the College he budding managers on 10 October 2017 at Sunder deep College of Management Technology from 3:00p.m -5:00 p.m on the topic namely, the role of education in holistic development & branding and market environment.
Unlike the presentation group discussion and brain storming session can not be prepared in advance. It is a good exercise of time management, presentation and current knowledge of business scenario.
This is the method of developing good and effective communication skills and finding the strategies to agree and disagree on a particular topic
The faculty coordinator for this Management event was Prof Nidhi Bhatia.
Such exercises are done to increase the student’s mental level and thought process.

9. KHO –KHO: Active chase game
Kho –Kho is the game of positive approach and manifestation of basic instincts of attack and defence.One can easily test their physical strength and mental ability. This activity was
being carried
on 11 october 2017 KHO-KHO at Sunderdeep College of Management Technology from 3:00p.m -5:00 p.m
In Kho –Kho players catch by pursuit rather than to chase, this demands lots of physical and mental fitness and last but not the least it is the team building exercise.
It is the most popular traditional game of India.
The student coordinators for the Kho Kho sports activity were Chhavi & Arish from BBA II & BBA I year
The faculty coordinators for the sports event were Prof Amit Ojha, Prof Mohit, Prof Vineeta & Prof. Priti Singh.
The winning team members were Paras, Yogesh, Rachit & Utkarsh, Shumman Shah, Aashish Pal, Teeneshwar, Akansh Bhati, Deepak Sharma, Anish.
The outcome of the session was that the students got to learn how the team spirit can actually turn losers as the winners.

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