Dr. Sanjay Singh


LLM, M.Phil, PhD (Kumaun University, Nainital)

Principal's Message

The continually changing and evolving legal profession makes it an enjoyable and profitable career option today. Legal professionals today solve problems for individuals, and corporate entities, and help them tackle new challenges thrown up by the dynamic legal landscape.The smallest entity in human civilization is the individual, and the rule of law protects the rights of the individual. The law establishes standards, maintains order, resolves disputes, and protects liberties and rights. The law keeps the peace in a country, shapes moral standards, promotes social justice, facilitates orderly change, provides a basis for compromise and helps in facilitating a plan. What would society be without the rule of law?Studying law develops one’s understanding of how power is leveraged in our society in a manner that is even more effective than that of political science. This is because law is directly concerned with power and reaches into every part of life.

A career in the legal profession can be intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding. We at the Sunder Deep College of Law spare no efforts in preparing you for this very exciting profession. Our hand-picked faculty mentors are at the fore-front of our efforts to create the best legal professionals for our great nation.

I extend you a very warm welcome to the Sunder Deep College of Law. Come be a part of the growing legal fraternity.