Prof.(Dr.) Prashant Singh

Director’s Message

Sunder Deep Engineering College (SDEC) is a learning institute where students are given an open environment to develop their cognitive and emotional abilities. Our goal is to produce minds that can work innovatively and compete in this world with high intellect. SDEC will provide its best to shape the students most productively so that they would catalyze their careers and give pace to their inner development. SDEC welcomes all aspiring students to join our journey for gaining excellent knowledge and attaining professional adeptness.

I firmly believe that given an opportunity, the students of this great temple of learning will prove an asset to recruiting organizations. We extend a warm invitation to the organizations/companies looking for budding engineers to visit our serene campus for a possible human resource par excellence. We are also looking for mutual association and collaboration with the industry at various other levels, such as guest lectureships, workshops, laboratory mentorships, joint R & D projects, etc. We would highly appreciate industry participation in this endeavor.

The doors of our faculty members are always open for any student who seeks help. We persuade all the students to use their time with professors and teaching staff fruitfully to develop their proficiency. The extra-curricular activities will include effective communication through speaking and writing

Warm Regards

Director, SDEC