Mahendra Aggarwal

Sh. Mahendra Aggarwal

Chairman's Message

We are hopeful that Sunder Deep Group of Institutions will transform the students into enlightened and dynamic young professionals ready to face the challenges of Society and Industry and add to the growth and prosperity of the nation.

Society has achieved its first goal with the help of its well-wishers and members and is indebted to senior authorities in administration, police, revenue and other departments of the district for their help and support.

I am sure that all Colleges under Sunder Deep Educational Society will grow exponentially in quality and size and will prove their worthiness by meeting the expectations of aspiring students and parents. May God bless our students to achieve Professional eminence in their fields of education and make our members fufill their dreams of centers of Excellence in professional education.

Akhil Aggarwal

Sh. Akhil Aggarwal

Vice Chairman Message

Sunder Deep Group of Institutions embarked its journey towards field of Technical education spurred by a search in the demand for quality engineers who were expected to shape the destiny of contemporary India, homogenize the country’s interest and usher in a new millennium with new promises. Now when we have 14 different courses at our campus, I fell privileged to be a part of the India 2020 vision of providing quality education through our Sunder Deep Group of Institutions in Ghaziabad.

"Education is the manifestation of the perfection in man." This is the way how education was defined by Swami Vivekanand. In keeping with the same philosophy, we at SDEC strive to in spire students in this direction. At SDEC, we give students the best of facilities backed by adequate infrastructure and operational ambience like state-of-the-art laboratories, highly experienced teachers and other learning resources. Success comes to those who work hard but stays with those who do not rest on the laurels of the past. I personally look forward to integrate my experience over the years in industry and research into the learning system. We try to direct the collective efforts of the faculty to build a comprehensive methodology which encompasses education for stimulating mind of the students in such a way that they endeavour to be responsible citizens of their country.

Akhil Aggarwal