Mechanical Engineering

  1. Intra project quiz meeting of different departments.
  2. Organizing small project exhibitions for polytechnic students.
  3. Organizing different creative and emerging topics presentation by final year students.
  4. Intra college volleyball match(Organized only by students so that they will learn).
  5. Organizing small carrier opportunities presentation and motivational lectures.
  6. Providing aptitude,coding and PDP classes for students.
  7. Encouraging students for organizing self-awareness rallies.
  8. Encouraging students for organizingscout guide camps.
  9. Visit of college students to industry for more exposer.
  10. Inviting different college students for participating in quizzes
  11. Providing students the complete information about govt. Sector exams and inviting different colleges for this purpose.
  12. Providing students about the self-discipline activities by professionals.
  13. Encouraging students to prepare charts on a creative idea and present them in chart exhibition.
  14. Organizing debate sessions for students to develop their communication and leadership skills.