Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is called Mother of all the engineering branches because all the engines which you see in the market, at the early stage they were not developed as much as today. It was at 17 or 18’s the steam engines existed which are now converted into the railway and now it works with the use of Electricity. The following points are listed why mechanical engineering is important among other engineering branches.

  1. Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest and oldest branches of engineering. It is the branch which generally works on basic comfort of human beings in life. Mechanical engineers are involved in the designing, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance of mechanical systems and their complete working.
  2. Being mechanical engineer students can also pursue their career with highly anticipated software industry.
  3. Self-startup opportunities- A mechanical engineer can easily establish any kind of startups. He can contribute to the society by doing something new & innovative. A mechanical Engineer can easily create, design and complete any project in his own company.
  4. Without mechanical engineering, we would not have things like engines, generators, elevators or even air conditioning. Mechanical engineering plays a vital role in manufacturing technologies, from cars to airplanes to refrigerators. It enables you to do many daily activities with ease, as it brings helpful technologies to our modern society. If a technical diploma incorporating a broader understanding of the world sounds appealing, mechanical engineering may be for you. After completing diploma in mechanical engineering, students have jobs opportunities in various fields such as aerospace engineering/automotive engineering/CAD technician/maintenance engineer/nuclear engineering.
  5. Global opportunities: There is no any country in the world that doesn’t need its engineers and there are a number of mechanical engineering courses that can testify to that.
  6. Mechanical Engineering deals with all aspects of the conversion of thermal energy into useful work and the machines that make this possible which is the most important kind of energy for today world.

Job Avenues for Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering field has a huge scope when it comes to career options for those who have graduate from this field and looking for other option in the field.

  1. Mining Engineering
  2. Patent Attoney
  3. Robotics Engineer
  4. Biomedical Engineer
  5. In Higher educations
  6. In Privet & PSUS etc.
  7. In Biotechnology
  8. In Nano Technology
  9. In Plant Research Engineering
  10. In solar Engineering