Career opportunities after hotel management courses are practically endless.

Hotels / Spas / Resorts

Hotels are the primary employers of hotel management graduates. The hotel industry offers good career opportunities and is great for freshers as it can help a candidate gain experience in a diverse range of operations.

Restaurants / Bars / Clubs

Hotel management graduates can also work in standalone businesses such as restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs.

Airline Kitchens / In-Flight Operations

Airlines are another major recruiter for hospitality graduates. Airline industries mostly hire candidates who have a recognized degree, diploma or certificate course in hotel management. Plus, they have career opportunities not only in the kitchens but also in providing in-flight services. Airlines give you the advantage of being a much more organized sector of the economy and you also get better pay here than in many other industries.

Event Management

Event Management is responsible for planning and organising professional and other events for a particular set of audience. It is a good career choice as it does not involve huge investment and offers one with a lot of flexibility and independence to work. If you have a passion for organising events and have a good organising ability, then you can make a successful career in the field of event management.

Cruise Liners

Cruise Liners deserve a category of their own as they are one of the more glamorous jobs in hotel management. They keep you in touch with a lavish lifestyle while also offering a chance to travel on some of the most beautiful waters on board magnificent watercraft. Plus, the pay is exceptionally good

Fast Food Chains

Fast Food chains are one of the most booming businesses all around the world. Fast-food chains have an enormous network of outlets and have a restaurant even in many small towns and villages. Naturally, they have a good requirement for trained professionals to manage these outlets and hotel management graduates can look for executive and management roles in these companies.

Indian Navy / Indian Army Hospitality and Catering Services

The naval and land wings of the defence forces also open recruitment for posts related to hospitality and catering. The army requires applicants to have at least a diploma or certificate in hotel management and catering technology.

Amusement & Theme Parks

Theme parks come with more than just rides and roller coasters, thus making it essential to have managers keeping them up and running. These employees can book shows, plan promotional events and more.

Tourism and Travel Industry

A travel agent will research and plan trips for individuals, couples, and groups. This process may entail finding hotels, booking excursions and sharing deals on flights.

Tour guides prepare itineraries and offer private or public tours of popular towns, museums, historical sights or other areas of interest. Tour guides often have extensive knowledge on individual locales and are able to answer questions that pertain to their specific tour