SDCHM concentrates not only on the professional and classroom training but equally on the extracurricular activities. With the advancements in every sphere of life, it is highly significant that a candidate is shaped holistically. Apart from studies, to boost the overall growth of students, SDCHM organizes sufficient extracurricular activities both indoor and outdoor. The extracurricular activities along with regular classroom teaching provide enough opportunities to have fun and enjoyment leading to learning of various skills. Thus, the amalgamation of learning and enjoyment offers moments of physical and psychological rejuvenation. All these activities are largely beneficial for the overall personality development of the students. The extracurricular activities include all the following:


In a culturally prosperous and varied country like India where culture and traditions play a vital role in shaping the life of people, it is unfair and illogical to keep the cultural activities out of the reach of the students. Cultural programs and performances organized off and on are the attractions for not only the students but the parents as well. Different types of dances, skits, dramas, musical programs and many other stage performances are organized periodically. This offers the opportunity to the students to overcome stage fear and develop self-confidence. These stage performances are often organized in the form of solo and group performances.


Healthy mind dwells in healthy body. Keeping in view the physical and mental wellbeing of the students, various indoor and outdoor sports activities are organized with intermittent intervals. Indoor games include Table Tennis, Snooker, chess etc. The Outdoor games include volleyball, basketball, football, tennis, badminton, cricket, kabbadi, kho-kho etc. Both individual and group matches are organized as per the suitability of the sports. As it is a clear fact that the industry requires not only the individual efficiency but the group-work and team-spirit as well equally, these sports activities are conducive to holistic growth of the candidates. The tournaments avail the opportunities where the students can learn working as individual and in group as well.