SHREE ANNA MILLETS FOOD FEST “People’s Movements” International millets year 2023.

Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi ji, year 2023 has been declared as the international year of Millets (IYoM 2023) to make it a peoples' movement so that the Indian millets, recipes, value added products are accepted globally.

In this regards, Sunder Deep College of Hotel Management Now SD IHM Ghaziabad celebrated food fest on 29th March, 2023 on the theme “SHREE ANNA MILLETS”. When the whole India is celebrating INTERNATIONAL MILLETS YEAR 2023, SD_IHM Ghaziabad is not remained behind for the celebration. The different types of foods were prepared which includes bakery sweets, confectionery biscuits and Navratra special. The foods have been prepared by the students on millets and students made aware the people and provide the information on millets and its health benefits.

The Hon’ble Chairman, Shree Mahendra Agrawal, Hon’ble vice chairman shree Akhil Agrawal and Hon’ble (Chairman academic) Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Sharma blessed the Students on this Occasion.

The occasion has been witnessed with the presence of all the directors of different departments and SDGI family with students and faculty members.